Monday, June 21, 2010

Forest Light

Step into the woods on a sunny day,

even the smallest patch of trees,
and you have stepped into a light show.

The faintest breeze
shifts the shadows and changes the colors.

Don't just look at the trees...

Look at their trunks,
Their leaves,
Their branches ...
Really see them,
How the leaves seem to float in the sunlight,
and filter the light
and how the sun shines on some trees
and silhouettes others.
On another day,
the same patch of forest
can be entirely different.
Look closely at the trunks,
how they have pinks and grays and purples.

And how the sun
now accents different trees,
and changes the colors of the forest.

Each day,
and different hours in the same day,
give different light shows.
Find a small patch of trees
and take the time to visit it
to really be in it
for only a few minutes
But take that image with you so you can return and notice the changes.

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