Sunday, November 2, 2014

NEW HAMPSHIRE SCENES: Trees again and still

Trees….Again and Still

Into the Woodland Hush
24X36   Oil on Canvas   $700
Returning, returning after over a year's hiatus.
Reviewing my blog and website 
after such a long absence begs the question, 
Where to start again? In the now?
What has changed? A Lot!  
What hasn't changed? A Lot! 
Mentally, I have composed many blogs, partially, 
with nothing to show for the thoughts.
Physically, I've been painting, painting, painting
and adventuring In the US and abroad!
My theme song of "I love it here (in New Hampshire) 
still holds true. New Hampshire, 
particularly "the Whites,"
is a wonderful base for landscape artists, me!
But when it comes to writing blogs, 
as I struggle with what to say and how to say it, 
my heart is saying, "I'd rather be painting." 
In fact, much of last year and prior have been spent 
painting, drawing, reading about painting and drawing, 
and woking on simplifying my life 
to make more time for painting

Simplify, Simplify…quote from a New Englander, of course. 
(Henry David Thoreau) who also said, 
Hikers Delight
9X12 Pastel   $150.
"Follow your dreams."  And so I have been.

Even before I moved to NH,
one of my dreams, 
that took a bit of time and education to accomplish, 
was to "Paint Big Trees."
And so, my trees on canvas have grown, 
but may still grow more.
What has changed? I've added oils to my repertoire.
What hasn't changed? My first six blogs, pre-NH, 
were about trees I painted. And I'm still painting them.

A hiker's delight is both the trail to the ledge and the respite 
at the top, or the ledge, when the view is panoramic.

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It feels good to be back on line!