Thursday, March 8, 2012


New Hampshire Scenes: Roofs and Snow

The snow came (6 inches) 
came again  (12 inches) 
like most of the snow bunnies
I took to the slopes

but only between the required
roof raking
This is the end of a roof rake
which has a 36 foot sectional pole attached to it, 
to be used when the snow piles up 
to the point of danger from too much weight
or from sliding off the roof onto people coming out doors 
or onto decks and balconies with railings.
A rain and a good freeze can turn it all 
to very heavy ice, 
    then a good slide can wipe out even a sturdy railing.

Many homes have metal roofs, 
which help the snow (or ice build up) to slide,
and no gutters, of course.

And the roofs are best that are steep,
on both sides
or steep on one side, 
and shorter and not so steep on the other side.

 or some variation....

My house is steep on one side,
not so steep on the other,
with a balcony overhang
that allows me 
to rake the roof,
which I do 
before possible rain/ice develops.
Then I shovel the balcony! 

No complaints though. 
Look at the marvelous pitch pines 
that keep me company.