Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Hampshire Scenes: WE HAD SNOW

New Hampshire Scenes:  Finally, We Had Snow

Not a year for snow, 
and yes, we had it earlier
and it doesn't go away
when the temps
are single digits
at night,
but many of us have been waiting
for something 
more than an inch or two

To give the trees a different look.  

Even with a plow man, 

6 inches means 
Shoveling:  path to drive way, path to wood pile
path from front to back door, and I even get out my roof rake, though it isn't necessary for only 6 inches, 

but it's new to me, and fun!
Besides, notice the snow sliding off my roof.

I'd rather rake it off then have it slide
when I'm headed to the wood pile.