Wednesday, April 10, 2013



Only a week ago,
this was the scene at Bretton Woods. 
Snow enough to ski,
And Mount Washington was still wearing its white mantle.

Mount Washington from North Conway.
 But only 20 miles south,
really related more to elevation than latitude,
the snow was definitely going!

Patches of snow 
rather than patches of rock and ground,
were the new ground designs...

(see previous blog for another version of this rock)
And so, although the diehard skiers
are still finding places to ski, perhaps, 

Hikers are thinking of favorite trails  
View from South Moat looking towards Middle
and North Moat, and on toward the Notches.

 whether they are south facing,   and thus,
 more likely to be clear of ice and snow
 or north facing 
(possibly requiring micro-spikes),

or better left 'til later in the season!
In my own readiness to get hiking again,
(without snow shoes and full winter gear)
I spent time vicariously painting one of my favorites, The Moats, 
and too hastily had it framed 
behind glass
before  its photo session,
which diminishes detail and color...
(See it in person at  The Met  gallery and coffee shop.)

Beech youngsters stubornly hold their leaves
through the winter. 

Painters are thinking of Plein Air Painting,
Outside at last,
 to sketch and paint nature in real life.

And some of us
are lucky enough to be both painters and hikers....

Check my website, Barbara McEvoy, Artist.Com for my new emphasis and recent paintings...