Saturday, March 30, 2013

NEW HAMPSHIRE SCENES: Last Week and Soon, Maybe!

Steps to a friend's house! 


From this scene

                     And this scene

                                  only ten days ago,
Steps to a friend's back yard!

                To Snow Drops
and Crocus
                 and Bluettes 


It's the miracle of Spring!

I admit, 
I had to go south 
of the White Mountains
to get photos of the 
Snow Drops and Crocus and Bluets
that snow is melting,
and beneath it all
with green tips poking bravely upward
are the bulbs we planted 
and millions of wildflowers,

Just waiting!

I promise a photo and three paintings
of bluets, 
when the ones near home appear.

I'll paint the rocks that
heat in the sun
uncover first.

Because rocks too, have something to say
about Spring!