Thursday, March 21, 2013

NEW HAMPSHIRE SCENES: It didn't go yet!

"Be careful what you wish, for," has been said often.
My last blog, "Snow going,"  ended with,  "Maybe one more storm." 
The ground patterns I had been watching around the trees
have entirely disappeared. 
The snow came back!
But the temperatures are still below freezing at night (12 last night) and well above during the day (40 at the moment). 
We are left with confused icicles! 

And confused people...
It's the first day of Spring, but looks like winter, feels like winter in the morning,
and turns to Spring by afternoon...the old case of March 
coming in like a lion and out like a lamb.
March is definitely in transition. 

Sap is still rising, however, and sugar shacks are still boiling,
so for those of us whose creativity is aligned with the weather, we can move onward with our projects.  If Spring doesn't appear to be here in full force, at least it is wavering and showing signs of approaching, despite the "backslide" into winter.
Admittedly, ground patterns had me thinking about Spring, but the snow pushed me back to winter thoughts and I've used it to advantage. Artists can find patterns in any season...

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I've switched to White Mountain emphasis, have two new paintings of winter, two categories added to my web (Can you tell which are the new ones?) and a few last comments on winter as well. 

Patterns   Pastel   9x12 
Do I dare say it?

 "But, maybe, perhaps, we could have one more snow storm? "