Thursday, March 14, 2013



Lily in her blossoming glory of snow.
January brings snow and resolutions!
We may make our resolutions in January,
or even think about them in December, 
but how many of us really carry them out.
by February we have lagged, if we even managed a decent start! (I didn't!) 

In the White Mountains of New Hampshire
 some of us know the reason! 
Some of us are aligned with nature!  

That white snow is a blanket, covering, protecting, beautifying, and giving rest to the land. 
Wood piles ready...
Of old, we spent summer and fall storing our food, stacking our fuel, working against the winter to come.

Winter, then, is traditionally the time of resting and reflecting and using that wood for cozy fires 

Snow going
snow to some of  us is skiing ,  snowboarding,
snow shoeing, ice fishing...

but those are rest in their ways
They are ways to wait for the snow to  go...

When we see the tell tale signs of the snow piles shrinking, 
of the ground patches spreading around the trees and rocks, 
Wood piles shrinking, along with the snow!

we know what is happening, 
we know what time it is. 

When the temperature is above freezing during the day,
and below freezing at night,
buckets come out.
The land is waking 
and rising to the call of spring...
It's sugaring time...

And, if we're aligned with nature, perhaps we can now move forward on our resolutions.

But, maybe, perhaps, we could have one more snow storm? 

(For paintings of NH snow scenes and "Lily," visit my website Barbara McEvoy, Artist.Com)