Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Hampshire Scenes: NAMING A BLOG

Naming a Blog

Having announced last April, my intentions of telling the story of my move, 
thinking and feeling it was epic at the time,
I became so involved in the living and being here, 
Check my website
that the story remained in its skeletal form.
(See 2011 post!)
Count it all as background.

That theme no longer fits.

Time like a river
moved on through the seasons.

I'm here, my house a home; 
my studio a separate, fleshed out reality;
and my life a wonderful mixture 
of painting, hiking etc.;  
loving living here in New Hampshire, 
and still feeling a need to share the wonder. 

What theme for a blog?
Then realization!

Painters see in scenes and vignettes.
We paint and sketch, 
we adventure, we remember with edited emotions,
River drifts
and many of us photograph
those scenes we hope to turn into paintings.
So, simplistically, humbly, 

my “new” blogspot purpose is to present 

Rising Sun Shadows
New Hampshire Scenes: 
From a Painter’s Perspective

Expect varying detail,sketches, finished paintings, occasional photos. Expect varying regularity. Although I'm aiming at daily, I know better than to expect it to happen.

But always expect something from New Hampshire.