Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Hampshire Scenes: SNOWY STREAM BANKS

An editorial in a local newspaper mentioned the "sticks and gray" of winter.
Morning Haze

Morning Dew
I admit there are "sticks," 

the advantage of winter scenes is 
we get to see the bones,
   the skeletons of trees.

What I didn't capture is the glow and glisten of the dew drops.
(any suggestions of how to do that would be appreciated)

Background glow,
is only the beginning
of the color.

Gray there is, but consider it's leanings:
blue, green, pink, purple?
And appreciate the tree trunks and branch tips...
adding subtly to the glow, never a single shade.

Reflections on the snow change,
even as the clouds shift and drift
giving color to the shadows
other colors to the sunny spots
and too, a blend where they meet.

Snowy Stream Banks are definitely a favorite.
Photo's don't begin to capture the myriad colors,
Winter Ripples      9X12 Pastel on paper  
where water reflects differently from the snow,
and leaves have clumped in the water,
adding both their colors and their reflections.

So yes, there are sticks and grays to winter,
but they are only beginnings.

Find a puddle or a stream, 
and see all the colors of the rainbow.

Winter adds drama to the shadows and sunny spaces. 

Expect it, look for it and you will surely discover it.

Winter Oak Leaf Collection    9x12 Pastel on paper.