Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Hampshire Scenes: LITTLE GEORGE

Little George

Little George Dreaming of His Namesake
Little George is one of my  friends, a large rock that I view when sitting at my dining table. His name comes from his silhouette, which, with little imagination, is similar to that of Mount Washington. 
But Little George, like so many scenes and objects in nature, is a Shape Shifter, all depending on the amount of snow and the slant of sun. 

In Little George Dreaming (above) he was losing his snow cover, and left over bits of dried yarrow were catching the sun and casting shadows.

a snow storm... and
George in Sculptured Beauty

New shapes and shadows.

Another day, some sun, some breeze, and George again starts to reveal himself. 

The pleasures and problems of a plein air painter (someone who paints from life):
Nature is a moving, 
art installation. 
Not only seasons, but time of day, clouds, and other varying weather, even shifts of the breeze create nuances to enchant and exasperate us!
The same scene/object never really stays the same. 

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