Sunday, April 3, 2011


Moving to New Hampshire

Joseph Campbell said it, “Follow your Bliss.”
Thoreau said it, “Advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.”
And Confucius said it, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”
Me? I’m “moving to NH,” and although I am already here, moving is more than changing the physical site of living; it’s metaphor for that new state of mind, that new life and spirit.

We baby boomers, plus or minus a decade, are discovering, our lives and our retirement are not that of our parents and grandparents. Sixty or seventy is only a chronological age. What we really need is a new state of mind, something to help us free ourselves of old habits, stale ways, drudgery routines that we’ve become comfortable with or tired of.

How do we do that, even in the midst of our busy, seemingly unchangeable lives?
Change, change, change.
Sweeping change ......
or small change!

Change is scary...
it isn’t always comfortable, but it is also exhilarating, enlightening AND lightening!
Life losing its zest?
Find your way to change.
Even small changes make room for larger ones!
My story, so far
April 2010, that a fateful visit to the Whites in NH reawakened my love of the woods, mountains, and lakes of NH. I resisted the “crazy idea” of looking at real estate for almost a month. At my age? Buy a second home? (Change always argues back) In May I found myself at my computer, checking out NH Real Estate and then pieces fit together at warp speed. In September 2010 I moved in!
Brief Chronology (and subjects of future blogs)
April the fateful visit,
May visiting real estate online,

June checking with real people, 
looking at real properties, twice.
July looking again, deciding, signing an agreement for Sept 20 closing.
Aug Preparing and putting my condo on the market
Sept Moving myself, pets and some furniture to NHH (new hampshire home),
Sept Into the new life, one step at a time. 
Symbolic hike up Tuckerman’s
Oct First Friends, leaf peeping.
Nov First 4,000 footer since Sept Arrival, 
Beginnings of NH Paths and NH Windows
Dec. First snows in my woods AND my condo sells
Jan More snow, skiing, snow shoeing
Feb. More snow, finishing the move
Mar More snow, Closing on the condo
April More snow!