Thursday, August 13, 2015


EXCITEMENT (a week ago) (and now)

Excitement is not exactly a "scene," as in "New Hampshire Scenes," but it is what my family (kids, grandkids and self included) are actually feeling at this point. In only three days we will be heading up Lonesome Lake Trail to Lonesome Lake hut, and onward, weather cooperating, to Kinsman Ridge. 

Mitzpah Spring Hut    Pastel    9x12
Anticipation is mounting. We've done our pre-hut hikes to test our gear…Kids grow, old gear, like rain gear, may not be working as well as it should, and of course there is always something we want to change or upgrade from the previous year's experiences. Piles are growing, backpacks at the ready. Memories of previous hikes and huts flash through our minds, as well as thoughts of what's to come. 

Mists on the Maine Cliffs   Pastel  9X12   $150

Excitement, then, is not a single scene, but a
kaleidoscope of scenes.  Mitzpah Spring Hut and Lake of the Clouds, each unique in its own way, leaving memories of the physical setting, the bunk set ups, the dining hall, the hike to reach it, the scenes visible from the windows or the immediate surroundings. And the question, the anticipation of, what will it be this year. What will the weather be? 

One of my own personal artist excitements is the morning mist, particularly if it includes trees (an obvious obsession I have). 

Morning Mists: Colorado Rockies
Pastel 9X12  $150

CONFESSION and SPOILER  At this point in my entry writing, excitement took precedence over writing. 

Now, a week later I can say, the Lonesome Lake Hut trip, with hikes to Cannon and the Kinsmen, was a family success. Lonesome Lake Hut afforded a variety of hikes to suit the varying abilities of ages 6 upward!  Trail work on Fishing Jimmy Trail was exceptional and impressive (Be sure to thank trail builders if you happen to pass them.) Hikes, views, meals, presentations, "cru," were all part of an exceptional adventure.

Morning Swim in Sunrise Reflections
Morning Mists: Lonesome Lake

Trees against morning pearl sky

AND, artist that I am, I found many scenes for future painting, including morning mist,  intriguing trees and multiple trail scenes.  (Thanks again to the Trail Maintenance Crew for ladders, wooden steps on rocks, strategically placed rocks, stone carved foot and hand holds, and multiple plank sections to let us view the bogs without disturbing them.

If you haven't been to a hut, just visit one…Lonesome Lake and Zealand Falls are both easy to visit. 

Hut trips are much more than the two or three days of adventure. They are a great way to get kids started in outdoor adventure, (or yourself if you've always wanted to get outdoors). The huts are a way of getting deeper into the woods or higher onto the mountain, WITHOUT carrying food, (except for snacks), sleeping bags, tents...
They give memories that last far beyond the days spent on the mountain, or even planning, anticipating and packing for it.  They build lasting memories, they build bonds between the participants.
Already my family is talking about next year with reference to the last three!  Give it a try!

(Check my website for more White Mountain Scenes.)