Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NEW HAMPSHIRE SCENES: Mountains to Climb

Mountains to Climb (and much to see)
Most paintngs, at least for me, take on symbolic meanings as I work on them if they aren’t already meaningful when I initially begin them.  Mountains to Climb has been particularly symbolic since it is based on a photo I took soon after moving to NH, when I rode a SKI LIFT to the top of Wildcat and was just beginning to use oils. The distant mountain is Kearsarge North, with Double Head slightly to the left. The "path" that starts in the foreground is the x-country trail the drops down into Jackson.
I have not yet skied that trail, but in the process of painting and repainting this vista as a practice piece, I learned much about using oils.
Mountains to Climb and Much to See    Oil on wood panel, 24 x 48  $900.
ALSO, in the process of revisiting this particular vista and many others, ON FOOT, I have found myself learning about the mountains. Inspiring to look at, challenging to climb physically, they also represent the ups and downs of life. By climbing and learning about the Whites in New Hampshire,  I’ve come to realize that summiting is not always necessary. The intricacies, in the case of mountains--the flora, fauna, geology and weather-- enhance the climb, just as the intricacies (and difficulties!) of our lives broaden our perspectives. 

Too much philosophy? Than just enjoy the mountains and what they bring. The paintings are Autumn, but I think we all know what comes next.

From the Top (of Champney Falls)
Oil  24 x 36   $550
Autumn Blaze
(Path off Bear Notch Road)
Oil 9X12 $250

On Three Caps Trail
In fact, 
the snow scene was yesterday's surprise. 
I left home planning to do a final photo shoot of fall
 from a mountain top, 
and found snow north of Crawford Notch!
Dreaming of future hikes, 
I checked out the Three Caps Trail up Jefferson,
planning a snow shoe revisit, maybe soon!

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