Thursday, February 5, 2015

NEW HAMPSHIRE SCENES: White Mountain Resolutions, Under Way!

White Mountain Resolutions, Under Way!

Suddenly, snow, snow and more snow. What better time to spend in a cozy studio, painting and occasionally looking out…especially since my new knee makes crossing my driveway a bit dicey, and any thing more rigorous out of the question. Time to tackle my resolutions.

So, get out your maps, or open your eyes and minds to the White Mountain possibilities! 
Like many artists who enjoy their topsy turvy world, I started with my "February planning" and booked two nights in August at the Appalachian Mountain Club Lonesome Lake Hut, the only AMC hut I haven't stayed at, and extended the trip by adding a third night at Greenleaf Hut, just across Franconian Notch, part way up Lafayette. I'm sure I'll hike to Lonesome Lake before August, and probably to the Franconian Ridge as well.
 Mount Eisenhower to Mount Washington   9X12  Pastel   

Then, on to the painting resolutions.  As a "warm up" I finished the painting I'd started of the autumn view from near the peak of Eisenhower. This view is looking north on the Crawford Path towards Mount Washington. Any time is a good time, but autumn presents the burgundy mosses, and the golden grasses.  For me the painterly fun is putting in the cairns and the rocky, alpine growth of the foreground; the bits and pieces of Crawford Path as it "goes over the edge," and comes up on the side of Franklin (second peak). Not visible are the ridge between Franklin and Monroe (the peak just to the right and in front of Washington). And finally there is the barest hint of trail up Washington, with a suggestion of the towers at Washington's summit. 

Galehead Hut, Galehead Summit, and Beyond   9X12  Pastel
In the mood, I continued on with a painting I'd sketched earlier showing Galehead Hut, as seen from near the summit of South Twin. The hut is located,  a mere half mile from the summit of Galehead, with bits of the Pemagawasit Wilderness in the middle ground and the Franconian Ridge in the background. Look carefully for the white dot roof of the hut and the trail to the summit. 
Best views are actually from the rock out cropping just before the summit, which is actually in the trees at the top. 

And yes, I've started the painting of Lakes of the Clouds (see previous blog),
and am planning other trail paintings as well.

I'm not an expert on the huts, the 48 4K foot peaks, or various trails in the Whites, but like any one pursuing a hobby--skiing, fly fishing, painting, hiking-- part of the fun is doing it. Another part of the fun is talking about it with like-minded people. Whether you're a "like-minded hiker person,"  or a dreamer/wanna be, maybe this is your year to make your dreams your reality!

It's always fun to "talk trails and exchange adventure stories."

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The ridge between Monroe and Eisenhower on Crawford Path with Franconian Ridge in the distance.